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Ow. Morning. Post-Calling morning to be precise. Having had a long nap yesterday afternoon, then gone to the Calling, then bed at 2 am, has completely blown my body-clock.

But I seem to remember having a *lot* of fun. Got a lift to the Run from the highly sexy nevla, met up there with Daevid and Jackie, and saw alixandrea who looked absolutely stunning (again), and darkgoblin who looked glam and scary.

Oh and Nev got me a little pendant that says "meow" on it. It rocks :) So I now come with subtitles.

Met up, at the Calling, with valkyriekaren, wildeabandon and nisaba, and yay there was much huggage, snoggage, and scritchage. And much nevla, who, despite sobriety, managed not to run away from me ;)

And then the alcohol got to The Cat. You know how it's always said that there's 2 pints between a straight boy and a bi? It seems that works for The Cat too. Because there was another catboy there (I'm sure you can guess who). And... well... it didn't *do* anything, but it was getting *very* distracting... Erm...

Very odd night. Very fun night. The most unexpected people have the most delightful claws...
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