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Been a while since I did one of these... Jan. 14th, 2003 03:53 pm

1. Beatles or Elvis?
Beatles. "X or Elvis" is almost invariably 'X'.

2. What is your secret spy name?
Well if I told you that... sheesh!

3. When you were a kid, you wanted to grow up to be...?
Probably an engineer or programmer.

4. Ever had an odd pet (anything other than dog, cat, fish, bird?)
Rodents are odd now? Had various hamsters/gerbils.

5. Ever taken the purity test?
Yes, but should probably do so again. I'm far more pure than you'd think.

6. Is your hair colour currently your natural colour?
Getting dangerously close again

7. Your current celebrity crushes?
Not really

8. Do you own any Tupperware?
Not that particular brand, afaik.

9. Ever re-gifted an item?
Gift tokens for a shop with no branches near me.

10. Your favourite Stooge?
Erm, no.

11. Daffy Duck or Donald Duck?
Daffy. Garibaldi had the right idea.

12. Favourite game to play?
Settlers, if anyone will play with!

13. You do a GREAT impression of?
Me. Fools everyone.

14. Strange skill you have that not many people know about?
I lose track of who knows what.

15. The body part you like best on yourself is?
Various other people's ;)

16. A bad habit you have is?

17. The last concert you went to?
KM gig at the Boat Race (IIRC)

18. Kinkiest location you've ever done it?
Bedroom's always worked for me...

19. Your favourite fast food burger is?
Gardi's Greek Burger.

20. In the movie of your life, who do you want to play you?
Return question: which film stars do you think look like me?

21 Your dream car?
One that's been pounded flat and recycled into something useful.

22. Your favourite comic strip is?

23 Do you still have your appendix?
Yes, but the contents page is missing.

24. Toilet paper: rolled under or over?
Over. Think accessability.

25. Your favourite doughnut?

26. Favourite football team?
Whoever beat England last.

27. Favourite Simpsons quote:
Can't think of one offhand. It would have to be from a later series where Groening realised he could get away with being political.

28. Do you collect anything interesting?
Nope. Can't see the point.

29. What are your hobbies?
Complaining I never have time for hobbies.

30. Your favourite form of chocolate?
I don't really like chocolate. French dark chocolate's OK though.

31. Your guilty pleasure?
That's an oxymoron for me.

32. Your favourite piece of sushi?
Anything simple, and dead.

33. Your favourite way to blow £20?
What does that buy these days?

34. Your personal theme song?
No idea. Any suggestions? *looks* at Em ;)

35. Do you have any jewellery that contains your birthstone?
Pearls? (IIRC) Nope. All my jewelery's plain silver.

36. Your favourite sandwich?
O'brien's Cheddar & whatsitisname pickle.

37. The furthest place you've ever travelled to?

38. What would you do with a million dollars?
Quit job, buy house with large garage and shitloads of bikes, work full time on web design and cycling advocacy for a few years.
And/or set up a decent nightclub in Cambridge and try and persuade zotz to run it.

39. What is one of your life goals?
Having a net positive impact on the environment, society, and cycling levels.

40. Your favourite foreign language film?
Jesus de Montreal (Eh? That said "french" when I last looked!?. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon then).

From: duranorak
Date: January 14th, 2003 - 10:13 am (Link)
34. Your personal theme song?
No idea. Any suggestions? *looks* at Em ;)

Hmmmm. ~thinks~
Well, I always think of you when I hear 'Miss Lucifer' by Primal Scream, but that's slightly different. ~googles~

~many giggles~ http://www.phespirit.info/momus/19960201.htm
But seriously...

Don't know, kitty. 'The Love Cats', perhaps?

From: wechsler
Date: January 14th, 2003 - 10:53 am (Link)
That's very very silly.
Somwhere in a parallel universe, maybe...

The Love Cats
Predictable, but onconvincing ;)
From: duranorak
Date: January 14th, 2003 - 11:07 am (Link)
It is very very silly, isn't it?

I don't know - really for me yours will always be 'Miss Lucifer', so it's difficult for me to think beyond that.