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Stuff Feb. 16th, 2003 12:13 pm
Friday: KSR. No-one there but Karen & I. Somehow managed to chip a tooth while drinking cider.

Saturday: Dentist (booked 2 weeks ago). Clean bill of health, despite having not been in 18 months - and found that the "chipped tooth" was in fact a small, old filling that had worked loose - got a temp filling done. Now have an appointment to fix that and one with the hygenist.
Spent most of the day at G&P playing Cosmic Coasters and demo'ing Settlers.

Evening: #AFP meet at the Pantone arms - diverting via the Alma for an uberburger. I'd not been in the Alma before - seems like a good pub. #AFP involved much geekery, and sudden attacks of Jazz and Braiding.

Today - housework. As if I wasn't having enough fun with the plumbing the drain has got blocked, meaning that the washing machine is now discharging over the kitchen floor. I've poured drain unblocker in the relevant places, and I'm waiting to see if it does any good.

Oh but there's about 2 dozen margays and ocelots on the TV and *mewwwwwwwwl*