Grin with cat attached (wechsler) wrote,
Grin with cat attached


So much so that I had a splitting headache by the time I got to bed last night, and could scarcely pry myself out of bed this morning. This makes the Calling look rather unlikely - which is a shame, because I was rather hoping to see duranorak tonight :/

Egads. NTL has spawned a "dating channel". Which apparently consists of badly recorded videoclips played above an IRC dating channel. The videos feature such gems as a bloke torn straight from "Kevin and Perry Go Large (with hat from the same movie) issuing such poetic declarations as:
Yeah, and I'm open-minded like, and when it comes to talkin', I'm as smooth as fuckin' silk, me.

And the plumber's just called, and wants to come round *now* so he can get stuff fixed before I go to work. Which is fine, but means I don't get a shower.
I may just have to take one afterwards and hit work late.
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