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Done... Mar. 10th, 2003 07:59 pm
Bicon booked, laundry on, lounge cleared, dinner cooked, washing-up in progress.

Back still achy, though.

From: tacohell
Date: March 11th, 2003 - 05:30 am (Link)
You MUST come and join us as Nation States so we've got enough Republics/Kingdoms/Empires and Dictatorships to start our own region of madness......


Just found your journal and....

From: (Anonymous)
Date: March 11th, 2003 - 12:07 pm (Link)
I fancy Wechsler.
Wechsler is incredibly attractive and intriguing.
If I were alone in a room with Wechsler, I would restrain myself and try and get to know him.
I think Wechsler should move to edinburgh.
Wechsler needs a back massage, apparantly.
I want to get to know Wechsler....for a start;-)