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For those of you who haven't been in on all the details:

On April 22 (yes, 3 weeks away), my job moves to London. W1T, in fact.

I will be moving with it. Which means I need a flat/house in N. London. Leytonstone looks promising. I hear the natives are friendly ;)

The earliest I can get out of my flat is ~May 28. I plan to move house a week or so before that, to give enough overlap to clean things up. Actually I really need to check the contract details on that.

Which means I need to book removals a couple (or more) weeks before moving. Which generally starts a chain of prior event requirements that bumps into today. And rattles around Whitby quite annoyingly.

So from now I shall be looking rather actively for such accomadation. Any help in doing so would be greatly appreciated.

I shall also be setting up a 'move' group on my friends list. If you a) can help or b) want to know what's going on, please comment below.

Random offers of short-term crashspace may be useful too.


Just spoke to letting agents about properties in London. Apparently all properties in that area invariably go within a week, so there's no way we can plan this particularly far ahead, but the budget we're looking at is more than adequate to get a 2-3 bed house there.

However we may have to do the searching *from* London.

Trying to get a removals agent to act on the sort of short notice we need could be tricky.
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