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That's better Apr. 1st, 2003 09:52 pm
Still a bit tired due to all the excitement and not sleeping too well - oh, and having to recover about half a gig of lost weblogs and rebuild the stats - and was suffering a serious case of sofa suck earlier - combination of Calling withdrawal and disinclination to get up and do anything.

However, I managed to crowbar myself off the sofa and go tidy the bedroom and sort the laundry - while listening to Erasure for the first time in several years (I don't have a portable CD player with speakers, so if I want music in there it's cassettes - usually Goon Show, but I felt like something different. I suspect duranorak is implicated here somehow, but I can't quite work out how ;)

The music was more familiar than I'd have expected (with a few extra pitch bends, soon fixed by replacing the batteries, although I'm not sure the casettes are in prime condition), and very perk-inducing. Nearly started dancing (well, for some value of nearly ;)

Cleaning operations were interrupted by a call from, and long chat with, my sister, who'd obvious recently been told about my impending move - and who was quite keen for me to hurry up and get measured for my outfit for her wedding. Must go to Burtons on Saturday. Apparently their place is a small flat in Pimlico - interesting alternative to our plans for a house, but not sure it's for us.

Feel better now - still rather tired, so I'll be off to bed soon, but much perked up. Good music this.

From: valkyriekaren
Date: April 1st, 2003 - 11:02 pm (Link)
Just watch out for them measuring your *ahem* inside leg, OK?
From: duranorak
Date: April 2nd, 2003 - 01:02 am (Link)
~smiles and hugs~ Yes, it's all my fault. I'm bad. ~grin~

Love you. See you tonight. ~kiss~