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Pissup, brewery, Vodaphone Apr. 15th, 2003 03:56 pm
Just spent an hour or two on the phone to Vodaphone reps who ranged from the incompetent to the plain rude. Apparently to get my old phone number transferred from Orange to Vodaphone, I will have to go into The Link on Saturday and get them to effectively cancel the original sale transaction, as they messed it up.

It took 5 phone calls and 2 dropped lines to find this out, having been constantly redirected to the wrong depratment (sic).

Plus vodaphone only have one track on their hold music. The next person asking me "can you dig it?" will get a spade in the jugular.

Can U Dig It?

From: bootpunk
Date: April 15th, 2003 - 08:16 am (Link)
I take it that this wasn't PWEI's "Rich (Can U Dig It?)". I could listen to that track over & over for quite a while.