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Made it Apr. 22nd, 2003 11:02 am
Despite a really nasty stomach bug yesterday (I'll spare you the details), I managed to get down to London, (staying with lolliepopp) and even got into work only an hour late.

However the nearest central line station is half-way down TCR from where I work, making the last part of my walk-tube-walk commute very risky for my wallet.

Will be gradually getting my communications systems back online over the next few days - including getting my new phone back as the number transfer has apparently gone through.

Particular hugs to duranorak, valkyriekaren and dennyd.

Oh and djm4: what did I say last night? ;)

From: feanelwa
Date: April 22nd, 2003 - 03:13 am (Link)
Poor kitty! *hug*
Naughty bug. No biscuit. I told you to attack dickheads, not people with dicks who think with their heads. Why don't bacteria ever understand grammar? *sigh*

From: adjectivemarcus
Date: April 22nd, 2003 - 03:18 am (Link)
*blinks innocently* Why, worried you'll get mugged?

Sorry to hear about the bug, but welcome to London!
From: duranorak
Date: April 22nd, 2003 - 06:55 am (Link)
~hugs back~ Thank you, kitty. Miss you - see you at the party on Saturday though I hope?

From: wechsler
Date: April 22nd, 2003 - 07:54 am (Link)
should do
From: achanchinou
Date: April 22nd, 2003 - 06:33 pm (Link)
Money Belts Are Your Friends! :D
From: wechsler
Date: April 23rd, 2003 - 02:20 am (Link)
The risk is impulse purchasing, not criminal intent. TCR has the highest density of high-tech shops in the country, and they tend to have the newest stuff, too.
And I walk past 20-odd of them.
From: achanchinou
Date: April 23rd, 2003 - 07:21 am (Link)

Oh. That's even worse! :D

From: achanchinou
Date: April 23rd, 2003 - 07:23 am (Link)
OH! You can try to be almost late every day so you don't have time to stop. :D

At least on your way in...
From: iravyn
Date: April 23rd, 2003 - 05:29 am (Link)
You had the tummy bug too? Ick, poor you :(

Hope you're feeling better now! *big hugs*