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Info Request for Londoners Apr. 28th, 2003 11:22 am
I'm going to look at a house this evening that's between Stratford and West Ham (Devenay Road, backs onto West Ham Park). Can anyone tell me anything about this area that I should know? It looks to be very close to the footie ground, for a start.

Well scratch that, the place has gone - however info on the area is still useful.

Can't keep up with LJ at the moment due to limited connectivity at Forest Drive, and Far Too Much Shit at work (but don't start worrying about me). Will, however, get comments by email.

From: barking_watcher
Date: April 28th, 2003 - 05:28 am (Link)
I've just asked around the office 'cause a few people live out that way and the general impression is that Devenay Road is a very sort after location. It's nice and quiet, there's less than a dozen houses on the road plus you've got the views across the park.

When you're refering to the footie ground, do you mean the one for Clapton FC that appears on most maps or is it the one for West Ham FC? The Clapton FC hardly gets used and you're extremely unlikely to get troubled by anyone going to a West Ham game.

From: fluffymark
Date: April 28th, 2003 - 07:16 am (Link)
Can't help you there - i'm at the other end of Stratford and rarely wander to the West Ham end. Wishing you good luck with finding a place soon.
From: sashajwolf
Date: April 29th, 2003 - 12:22 am (Link)
West Ham's lovely - we looked there ourselves, but all the houses we were shown were too small.