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Weekend - overview Mar. 4th, 2002 09:17 am

Friday night: Knackered; picked up by djm4 to head down to the Liquid Lounge; already slurring my words through exhaustion when he arrived, fairly exhausted through the evening but still enjoyed it - spoke to ciphergoth about some IPP issues, geeked a fair bit about old BBC games; thence back to djm4 et al's, where Giles lent me his bed for a fairly good night's sleep.

Saturday morning: woken as warned by the thunder of small children; hauled myself out of bed to be greeted by a small and enthusiastic if inaccurate cry of recognition- "Heather!!!!!!". Erm no, not quite.

Spent much of that day surrounded by the kids - something I'm not used to, it has to be said, and they're an energetic and enthusiastic bunch; got shown computers, toys, and stories, and generally bounced, which was fine when it wasn't the bad spot on my elbow, or other sensitive areas getting impacted.

Evening; off to adjectivemarcus' meal with sashajwolf. Garlic, garlic, and garlic; the cloves of raw garlic tasting positively bland in comparison. Good food, slow service; welcome to the British Restaurant. Thence to the pub; much gothic decor, even more snogging, recovery of maglight and general enjoyment, much of it sandwiched between aegidian and elfgeek; then back to theirs with kyte to, I assumed, continue. Except that, on arrival, all expectations mysteriously vanished, leaving me wondering if I'd somehow been excised from the universe for a few critical minutes. *bemused shrug*. The night's excitement thus consisted of extracting the cat from my sleeping space and lending silent support to sashajwolf when some aggressive stranger appeared at the door.

Next morning; woken by kids slightly later; HHGG on DVD, extremely enjoyable lunch by sashajwolf, then back to Cambridge by train with valkyriekaren who came back to mine to catch up on the weekend. Thence an early night (postponed, naturally, due to carnal enjoyment), followed by some very interesting joint fantasising.

Ended up getting a pretty good night's sleep; could still cope with a little more thereof, but the week-long Linux Programming course starts in 15 minutes, so it's time for a quick coffee and thence to study the penguin.

From: valkyriekaren
Date: March 4th, 2002 - 05:05 am (Link)
followed by some very interesting joint fantasising.

are you going to tell the nice people who the subject of this was, or are we going to leave it to his notorious vanity to make the correct assumptions? *giggle*
From: ergotia
Date: March 4th, 2002 - 05:13 am (Link)
Aaawww, and here was I hoping you had passed on the message from all of us...*giggle pout giggle* xxxxx
From: valkyriekaren
Date: March 4th, 2002 - 05:48 am (Link)
was that the message that ran something like 'if we'd known there was a queue, we'd have got in it?'? Oh yes, that message got passed on *grin*

*"We"* ???

From: wechsler
Date: March 4th, 2002 - 08:47 am (Link)
Karen, you told me it was "I"!

Didn't you?

Re: *"We"* ???

From: valkyriekaren
Date: March 4th, 2002 - 08:50 am (Link)
I said that several other people had also made similar comments, I just didn't say who.

*grin* Getting you in trouble again?

Re: *"We"* ???

From: wechsler
Date: March 4th, 2002 - 09:57 am (Link)
Wechsler gets home
Karen explains details
Wechsler goes "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and then starts perking randomly with an alarming grin.


Admit it, I *have* slipped into a parallel universe, haven't I?


From: duranorak
Date: March 4th, 2002 - 10:46 am (Link)
Admit it, I *have* slipped into a parallel universe, haven't I?

Not fair...I've been looking for the doorway through for weeks...

From: ciphergoth
Date: March 4th, 2002 - 05:14 am (Link)
He was fantasizing about having a spliff?
From: wechsler
Date: March 4th, 2002 - 08:58 am (Link)
Well, you've probably been called worse in the past ;p