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Uh? Jul. 7th, 2003 02:06 pm
Having one of those days where my brain just *will not* fire on all cylinders - to the extent that I can't concentrate on reading. I suspect it's telling me to get some sleep...

Nipped out for some quick shopping at lunch and got mugged by the Gultronics Closing Down Sale - however I should now be able to get my printer networked at last. Also picked up some CD scratch repair fluid in Maplin, which may let me ressurect my sunglasses, which don't seem as badly scratched as I feared.

Now goign to have Tea and Ritter Chocolate, to see if *that* wakes me up.

*hugs* to all as need them, especially some_fox and duranorak.

From: some_fox
Date: July 7th, 2003 - 06:51 am (Link)
Thanks *smiles*