Grin with cat attached (wechsler) wrote,
Grin with cat attached


Permanence I am
I remain solid in strength ever still the sentinel of the beneathworld man's hands may not move me his blades may not scratch me all that may shape me are the soft fluids of air water carving by millennia carving by millimetre formed by inextinguishable fires yet cold now and motionless risen and cooled crushed into form yet uncrushable harsh and below them yet never they know my world only descending to pillage feeble they are soft flesh they are I halt their way.
Yet they come with the stolen metals from ores formed to their purpose. Metal to take metal from the earth yet me they may not twist to their ways
Permanence I am remaining solid though once soft in the furnace beneath that warmth is gone now myself is inverted once heat once malleable now hard cold oft I yearn for that warmth cold now permanent for timeless millenia permanent in future and present yet changed in past before I gained my impermeable permanence.
Now strength I am and ever.
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