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Well ain't that grand? Aug. 5th, 2003 07:49 am
"Activated Cards" just passed 1000.

I find myself thinking, "Well, that's certainly a success, but it's a bloody pointless one".

From: dennyd
Date: August 5th, 2003 - 05:57 am (Link)
Something to add to the CV I suppose? Not quite as obviously work-relevant as IP5 though  :)

*tries to think of a credible-sounding reason for using Top Trumps style cards in a workplace setting*
From: melskunk
Date: August 5th, 2003 - 09:55 pm (Link)
I've been working on a ferret one as a primitive version of an uplifted ferret language. They don't make a lot of noise, less than cats, so it's essentially tuk, hsss, chrup and squeal!.

I think I need a dictionary of Pikachu now, tho :D