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OK, so what went wrong? Aug. 6th, 2003 10:00 am
Each LJCard is about 60KB in size.

On average, they were each viewed 150 times. That's 9MB of traffic per card. My colo host supplies extra bandwidth at 2p/MB - so that's about 20p per card, so far.

1000 people made their cards live. That's 9GB of traffic over 4 days. My colo's monthly allocation is 10GB PER MONTH, but we already use most of that - so the LJCards could cost £200 ($US 300) quite easily.

It was also putting quite a strain on our colo server.

This may explain to you why I took the system down quite so quickly.

If I'm to bring it back, I'm going to need to:
Charge about 50 cents per card generated
AND/OR make the cards available for creator download ONLY (ie, only the one user can view this file; to share it they must host it elsewhere)
AND/OR persuade remote webcaches to cache the cards more efficiently
AND/OR find an industrial-grade host to volunteer to carry these, cheap or free.
AND scrap the gallery.

Comments / ideas / help welcome!

From: robinbloke
Date: August 6th, 2003 - 02:18 am (Link)
Print it once, people can then save it to their own webspace somewhere.
From: ciphergoth
Date: August 6th, 2003 - 02:26 am (Link)
2p/MB? Bandwidth to my mobile phone costs 3p/MB!
From: wechsler
Date: August 6th, 2003 - 02:34 am (Link)
Them's the breaks.
From: azekeil
Date: August 6th, 2003 - 02:58 am (Link)
Don't allow remote image linking :)
From: kaet
Date: August 6th, 2003 - 04:37 am (Link)
I'd say distribution of costs is the way to go: allow only creator downloads and get others to each bear a tiny proportion of the costs -- but distribution is my answer to everything to which the answer isn't "add a layer of indirection", :). I think most people will have somewhere they can host pictures.
From: dennyd
Date: August 6th, 2003 - 05:14 am (Link)
Have the script email the image to the creator, rather than displaying it on a webpage somewhere? That might discourage repeated edit-regenerate-editabitmore-regenerateagain sort of behaviour as well.
From: wechsler
Date: August 6th, 2003 - 05:38 am (Link)
People need to be able to see the changes they're making, I think... I doubt most people do this more than a few times.

That said, I could always add a limit on number of regens.
From: melskunk
Date: August 6th, 2003 - 07:58 am (Link)
I thought the linking idea was a bad one in the first place. I think creating a one time file that the user has to download is far superior.

Ja! My 2 Pennies. Forgive Typos

From: shaadofala
Date: August 7th, 2003 - 04:34 pm (Link)
I agree. When people link to others servers it creates hell and havic. I always save images some place else. You should Have people do that instead. Have them Click Save their card, then upload it to their own host. THat way you dont host it anymore, and can then get rid of the card. to free up space. Ja! *nod* after you get everything back, thats what you should do- im my opinion :>
From: javarod
Date: August 9th, 2003 - 08:39 am (Link)
Hmmm, look in the fur community, I think furcity or something like that offers unlimited free hosting, plus there's a number of other servers out there. I could poke around for you if you'd like.