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NewsScrape Aug. 18th, 2003 12:15 pm
Don't Panic!
An exercise simulating a chemical or biological attack by terrorists on the London underground will be staged at Bank station in the City on Sunday September 7.

Well isn't that nice for them?
Microsoft says it is confident it has averted massive disruption to the internet from the MSBlast worm virus.

One for elfgeek:
A chief constable says some of his officers are so bad at interviews, viewers of The Bill or Inspector Morse would solve crimes better.

And closer to home:
For reasons unknown my home firewall appears to have defaulted to Canada time; however it's still blocking netbios & lovsan attacks every few minutes so I'm not going to worry about it. (this on an ADSL box which only replies to SSL and HTTP, no ICMP)

Blame Canadania!