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Yes, it's the daily "contact lens" post Mar. 14th, 2002 11:55 am
Right eye... 20 secs or less.
Left eye... bloody ages - it kept flipping out, which I can only assume means that it was inside out. But how on earth do you tell? They look, to the untrained eye at least, completely identical both ways. What's the secret? Can you actually put them in, inside out? How do you tell if you have?

Answers on an LJ comment marked "The remains of Wechsler's sanity" to the usual address.

Update: The left one's fallen out at some point and my eye feels extremely uncomfortable - so I've taken the other out and am back to glasses. With the luck I seem to be having at the moment I'm very tempted just to give up on the blasted things - which is unfortunate, as I was keen on getting the cosmetic ones.

UPDATE to the update (about 5 minutes later)
No, it hadn't fallen out, it'd slid around the eyeball and was thus concealed near the tear duct. Just had a blinking fit and it fell out. Itched like hell, but of course now I'd taken the other one out and binned it, thus totally screwing today's evaluation.


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Re: "The remains of Wechsler's sanity"

From: wechsler
Date: March 14th, 2002 - 04:10 am (Link)
That's what the leaflet I was given says too... I can't actually see the difference, unfortunately.


From: olithered
Date: March 14th, 2002 - 04:33 am (Link)
...is a complete bastard. There is a very slight difference in curvature. And it just feels "not quite right". They'll go in adn work OK, but can fall out. The new J&J 1 day accuvue ones have "123" printed on them such that it is much easier to tell.


From: wechsler
Date: March 14th, 2002 - 04:44 am (Link)
Well they feel as right as they have yet, but after only 3 days wearing them they still don't feel quite natural. Still, it's promising.
From: robinbloke
Date: March 14th, 2002 - 05:27 am (Link)
There's a slight difference, best way to recognise it is to pop one onto your finger and then turn it inside out and see the difference;

You eye will slowly get used to having lenses (least mine did) and after a week or two you'll forget you're even wearing them.

Incidentally, I need to know if you followed the first law of contact lenses; the first thing you buy after contact lenses is... a pair of sunglasses.
From: wechsler
Date: March 14th, 2002 - 05:31 am (Link)
I need to know if you followed the first law of contact lenses
Nope, already had a pair, which live in my pocket at all times. And I've not yet worn the contacts outdoors, either.

Ah, the "lost somewhere in there..." moment...

From: mrph
Date: March 14th, 2002 - 05:53 am (Link)
I think that's what finally put me off them. I managed to lose a hard lens at the bottom of my eye for about half an hour, which was really quite unpleasant... :-(