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So what went wrong? Mar. 14th, 2002 02:18 pm
It was all going so well... I was feeling fairly happy, motivated, getting work done. And now I'm just sitting here randomly flipping windows. Argh.

Well, MS Word has a lot to answer for. I'm a moody bugger when I'm stressed, which I have been recently. And it can flip on the most trivial of things. So when that broke my flow earlier, it was going to take something to get me back to some productive level. Having to stop to put my contacts in didn't help either - and they do seem to work, while I can keep them in. Nor does looking back and seeing that I made three posts in an hour doesn't really bode well.

The problem is that this job relies very heavily on maintaining a stream of thought for a very long time, or being able to switch into and out of it rapidly. And it's hard to force yourself back into the mood, but that's what I'm going to try and do now.

*yawns hugely*

It occurs to me that going out for some fresh air at lunchtime might be a good re-motivational tool.

Update: I've just been told I'm "far too practical". By a Senior Engineer.