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Fairly quiet weekend; spent Saturday wandering around the middle of London on something that was part walkabout, part boot-hunt; walked TCR - Marble Arch - Covent Garden - TCR.

Oh, and apparently the Covent Garden General Store is closed. No boots there.

Found a camping shop on the last stretch though - they had a fair range of boots, from Docs to para boots, to walking boots. No hope of getting anything cheap with my feet though (they've very flat and narrow) - only thing that fit was, of course, the most expensive pair in the shop.

They are, however, bloody good boots, and had better last a lot longer than the Cats they're replacing.

Today was tidying, scrabble (very close game) and roast chicken, followed by a rehash of my CV (comments welcome) - something that always takes longer than it should. My "Personal Projects" are trying hard to take over from the paid work :/

And, as ever at this point, I really can't summon up any enthusiasm for Whitby...
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