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So, that Whitby thing then... Nov. 4th, 2003 03:47 pm
Rather uniquely, my Whitby weekend was spent under the influence of drugs; to whit, Colofac, an IBS treatment that seems to have cured most of the Weird Shit That's Wrong With Wechsler. And taken an inch off my waist.

Drove up Thursday; fairly easy run, even if Thrifty were bloody late with the car. Got there about 5:30pm, had dinner in a harbourside cafe/restaurant (Gatsby's?) and, rather uniquely for me, had both the energy and inclination to hit an event on the first night. So it was a good thing there was one at the Spa ;)

Did my finest space-marine impression, consisting of PVC stompyboots, bondage trousers, SDL blast jacket and I-can't-recall-which-topskintight shiny lycra with irridescent silver crosshairs (ta Jo ;). Plus ears & tail, which basically only got taken off when I slept.

Oh, and my phone had its own new whitby oufit.

And I didn't look cyber, honest.

Damn fine evening. Lots of furries at Whitby this year, and all the ones I spoke too were great people.

Friday: Woke up about 8:15? and HAD BREAKFAST! Scary, innit? Went charity shopping with valkyriekaren and olethros, including arguing over who got to buy a certain skirt. Then hit the bazaar, both at the Spa and the Metropole, and disturbingly Failed To Buy Anything. Argh.

Not quite as disturbing as the hot pig shop running out of hot pig, though. Couldn't believe that!

Another spa event, dressed rather more trad (frock-ish coat, velvet shirt, leggings). No pics of me on my own cam this year as I don't trust other people with it (except known photograpy hobbyists). If anyone's got, or seen any, please point them out. Wore the catmask, got called a badger by grahamb. Repeatedly. Mind you, his recognition was more than a little off this weekend, from what I hear...

Saturday: Decided hotel breakfasts weren't worth the effort, got up a lot later and had a *large* cooked brekky with Karen at about 11; then Spa again (mysteriously managing to buy 4 new tops, including my Gayest Top Ever).

Spa event again! Less well attended (people were getting heavily over-debauched by the whole 4 nights thing, but I loved it, although I drank remarkably little all weekend), but again fun, chatting, tarting, catching up with lots of Camgoths. Saw almost no bands all weekend, was just Too Busy.

Outfit: Was going to be the skirt, but I managed to destroy my tights in trying to put them on, had my One Big Stress of the weekend, decided that me wearing skirts is a Bad Plan, and went with the gay top and shiny trousers.

Sunday: Woke up before anyone else, had *another* fried brekky, went for a long walk around the town and abbey (see previous entry for pics), and picked up a Mancala set. Very pleasant morning, but so windy it almost blew my ears off. Another event, fairly lazy outfit. Actually saw some live music very briefly, and apparently there was a disco downstairs that I didn't get to...

Monday: Fine morning, smooth drive back, crap coffee. Also found the Cruise Control on the car after about 200 miles. D'oh. Makes driving feel *very* different.

All in all, great fun.

Special mention to: Lord Of The Shiny dennyd, for glowsticks above and beyond the call of duty; to valkyriekaren and spikeylady for repeatedly looking absolutely stunning; to feanelwa for skillful painting of a Wechsler on Friday; to hiddenpaw, Cat & Drazil, coracaskia and abbykatt for Fine Furriness, and to the random locals who variously looked confusedly at me, or meowed.

First pic of me, karen: (courtesy Avalon)

And of abbykatt and I, by duncanneko

And spikeylady and I...

nisaba and I, from reddragdiva

Me, by abbykatt

From: azekeil
Date: November 4th, 2003 - 07:57 am (Link)
And it was lovely to meet you, albeit briefly :)

Hopefully you don't think I'm a scary nutcase now (or maybe it confirmed it for you?!)
From: wechsler
Date: November 4th, 2003 - 07:59 am (Link)
*grin* Was good to meet you and kissycat, actually, and full points for LJ-icon recognition.
From: feanelwa
Date: November 4th, 2003 - 09:31 am (Link)
And taken an inch off my waist.
So that was the little plastic thing I found down the side of my suitcase...

On the Thursday you wore the top with the shiny target. You know, the "co-o-old eek! one.

I maintain that a coat is not a frock coat unless it comes down to the knees or below. Like a frock. Otherwise it's a jacket, no matter how frilly and embroidered.
From: duncanneko
Date: November 4th, 2003 - 11:54 am (Link)
Is this the outfit you meant from Friday? (my temporal memory is shot, as usual) Complete with red-eye I'm afraid, because I hate the anti-redeye filter on my camera.
From: wechsler
Date: November 4th, 2003 - 12:04 pm (Link)
Thanks muchly :)
From: lovelybug
Date: November 4th, 2003 - 12:39 pm (Link)
*perk* :D Cheers babe :D