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Telling the Daily Hate where to stick it... Nov. 21st, 2003 10:22 am
Making an enemy of the Daily Mail is a little like putting your head in a lion's mouth and then inviting it to bite. But yesterday Hari Kunzru, one of Britain's most promising young novelists, put two fingers up to the tabloid and its Sunday sister by refusing to accept a literary prize they sponsor.

Having won the £5,000 John Llewellyn Rhys award for his debut, The Impressionist, Kunzru rejected it because of what he called the the papers' consistent "hostility towards black and Asian British people".


I think I'll be buying a copy of that then; I cordially invite others to do likewise ;)

Feel free to propogate this invitation ;)

From: nisaba
Date: November 21st, 2003 - 02:35 am (Link)
That's brilliant, raaaa :)