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Bleagh Dec. 12th, 2003 02:14 pm
Took the week off work to calm down a bit and burn up the rest of my annual leave. Have therefore spent most of the week building computers, writing software, doing Xmas shopping, tidying up...

What I haven't really been doing is reading LJ, so I shall be doing some catching-up shortly.

Net result is a tidy house and more functional network; the software I've been writing is part of the War On Spam; a couple of tools for the SPF anti-spam protocol at: http://www.infinitepenguins.net/SPF/

(if you have control over your own DNS, take a look; it's effectively ready for early-adopter usage and is fairly simple to implement; note though that the website's slightly out of date, so work from the latest spec).

Feeling generally "meh" today. Trying to find the inclination to go to B-movie tonight, but failing.