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Gratuitous post Jan. 14th, 2002 08:19 pm
Now I'm *sure* there was something I was supposed to be doing tonight, but until then...
Great film last night - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - a fantastic piece of cinematography, strong story, and action sequences best described as "kinetic art". And a very enjoyable evening all in.
Couple of unpleasant bits of news this morning which don't need repeating here, then off to work (late, who cares?) to read "Advanced Linux Programming" - hurrah for well-written, informative programming books that actually seem to make the time spent reading them go faster. Mind you, Asok's back, which did nothing for the office atmosphere. Picked up some more smartmedia cards so I can keep my pictures suitably organised and separate. Very quiet evening now, but pleasantly rested.