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Filth, I tell you... Mar. 2nd, 2004 12:07 pm
Jack and Jill went up in the hill anxious to lose their virginity, according to a social historian who has published a book documenting the real stories behind the nation's favourite nursery rhymes.


From: otterylexa
Date: March 2nd, 2004 - 04:45 am (Link)
I was under the impression it was something to do with weights and measures...


From: grahamb
Date: March 2nd, 2004 - 04:48 am (Link)
There was someone who did something bery similar a while ago about the fact Jill murdered Jack which I think I like a bit more than this one.
From: mhw
Date: March 2nd, 2004 - 12:57 pm (Link)
I looked at the sample pdf file, and I can only hope that it was a very early proof page. Matters of scholarship - or the lack of it - aside, it nearly broke my poor little proofreading heart.

Lamentable, I say. Lamentable.