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Definite improvement Mar. 30th, 2002 04:18 pm
Today - woke up in my favourite way (being aroused to wakefulness by valkyriekaren), thence up, dressed, and to set to finishing off my bike - having replaced the chain yesterday, the rear cassette needed changing to match. But it's not that simple. Cassette changing is a bastard of a job, one I'd never done before, and one that requires some very specific tools (chain whips and casette crackers for a start). But full of foolish optimism I set to it, only to discover none of my spanners would fit the cracker, sending me down to Homebase for a 10-inch adjustable - the tools bill for this job now having reached about 35 quid.
Even with all the tools, and my Hayes Bike Book, I couldn't shift it. Evidently I just underestimated the brute force required, but rather than break it myself, I took it down the nearest bike shop (which I'd not actually been to before, but was pretty good). The techy there of course did exactly what I did (good to know my technique's right), acheived nothing, muttered loudly, and then leant on the spanner and chain whip with whatever of his body weight he'd not already committed. There was a loud tearing crunch, which is what's supposed to happen, and I was able to walk out of the shop with a de-cogged rear wheel. Wandered home via Vision Express to collect my daily lens order, then home, to put the bike back together and discover it rides like a dream.


And now to tidy up, have dinner, and probably head to the Rome Burns gig.