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Far too f'kin busy Mar. 24th, 2004 09:37 pm
(and far too busy to f'k, but that's another issue)

Got home from work today at 7:40 due to "social" at work. This seems to be happening quite a lot recently.

I've shut down all sites except Rome Burns on tenrei.phase.org. This includes my personal site and ukcycling.net. I have also shut down the Rome Burns galleries. This is all due to the recent load issues and delays on romeburns.co.uk, for which I offer my personal and profound apologies to the band and all fans.

UKCyling.Net will not return. Rome Burns galleries and my personal sites will return in due course once load levels can be suitably managed. This may take some time.

Anyone wishing to reduce this time can send me 20 quid a month for a hosting upgrade, and a working laptop.

I am now going to raise two fingers to the washing up, and all the bloody housework I was going to do tonight, and go to bed.

From: julietk
Date: March 24th, 2004 - 02:41 pm (Link)
Ah, I was meaning to say - do the useful static pages from ukcycling have anywhere to live now? It seems a shame for the information just to vanish. Whilst I wouldn't have the time to run the site as it stands (er, stood), I'd be happy to give them a home on my own webspace (& submit the new locations to google) if you wanted/were happy with that.