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Oh Fuckit Mar. 28th, 2004 08:58 pm
My desktop windows box has just joined my laptop in the land of Dead. It appears that the PSU has died.

Since this happened while I was away over the weekend, I therefore can't read any mail sent since about 10am GMT on Saturday, and haven't read LJ in about the same time period - I may not be able to catch up on this for a while so if anything needs my attention, SMS me.

I will therefore be going to buy a new ATX PSU tomorrow.

Can I just buy any ATX PSU of the same or greated power rating? Anything I should watch out for - is it more sense to buy a new case while I'm at it? Are all PSUs created equal?

Considering I don't have time to wait for mail order, sources are most likely Maplin or PC World.

Process when I turned the PC back on after shutdown for the weekend:

PSU fan does not fire
No BIOS sounds
Monitor does not activate (powered by seperate mains input, but signal from my PC)
HDD in cradle grinds a bit, in disturbing fashion, HDD & power lights flicker.

Power down, remove cover re-apply power:
Nothing - no fans, no lights

Power down, remove primary PSU connection to motherboard; replace with connection (after checking cable layout matches) from old 235W PSU in other case. CPU fans spin, (HDDs not plugged in), monitor does not light.

Thus I assume it's a PSU failure, but that my 235W PSU doesn't have the kick to power the CPU properly.

Should I expect any damage to MB/CPU/HDDs via this fault/procedure? Is my analysis valid?

TIA for advice.

From: fluffymark
Date: March 28th, 2004 - 12:14 pm (Link)
One hting to watch out for is how loud the PSU fan is, some very cheap ones can be very noisy and distracting. It's possible to get totally quiet PSUs for a cost, although that would only make sense if you also use a quiet CPU fan and quiet hard drives.


From: kingginger
Date: March 28th, 2004 - 12:17 pm (Link)
Generally yeah, I'd say you can get any ATX PSU - as long as its rated sufficient for your requirements - I'd say 300Watt is fine for most PC's (I need a 550Watt, but thats cos I have lots of accessories and power hungry devices in my case).

The general fruitiness may arrive should you want variable speed fan controls etc etc.

As to your fault checking - I'm worried that your monitor is not firing up - I am wondering whether the Mobo may be toasted - as even with the lower power rating your machine should cope with 235Watts (especially with no HD's plugged in).

Any more questions fire away - but I'm looking at the above going "hummmmmm" - I would test it to a full boot (you *should* be getting some POST errors if say the graphics card wasn't detected) -
Another test would perhaps to remove all the memory and check for beeps - if you don't get any beeps (and the speaker is definatly plugged in) - then I think your PSU let go and took something with it (the danger of switched mode power supplies I suppose!!)

Do you get any beeps?

Good luck :-S

Re: Humm

From: conflux
Date: March 29th, 2004 - 02:54 am (Link)
Yes just to add you can get some very cheap 550W PSU with heat regulated fans these days which may be worth looking out for. As Jules says the PSU may have taken out the mobo when it failed. Some AMD boards have a separate cpu power supply connector as well as the ATX connector which may be why your tests failed.