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London Mayor May. 15th, 2004 08:45 am
Just received Simon's Manifesto this morning - generally good stuff, but a couple of odd points - and a few more that have bugged me about previous materials:

Simon appears to be promising lower taxes. Are we *sure* he's a LibDem?
He also wants to cut back congestion charging hours and give five free entries to all - what the hell is the point of that? (Conversely, his arguments against extending the zone, while not present in the manifesto, do seem to make sense).
My impression of the Congestion Charge zone was that it had just been too sucessful for its own good in reducing traffic, hence less cash than expected for other transport.
Both Ken and Simon are supporting the LCN, considered by most cycling campaigners to be a sub-standard mess, and promising later tube running at the end of the week (wonder who thought that one up first?)
Unfortunately I don't know anything else that Ken is promising, as his website promises that his policies are "coming soon". Simon's site, on the other hand, contains plenty of info, including a downloadable copy of the manifesto (the Lib Dem MEP manifesto is also available on their site).
Ken is frequently slammed as "Blair's Mayor" on the principle that he "went crawling back to Labour". I was more under the impression that it was the other way around.
Additionally he's accused of spending a fortune on "spin". However it's unclear whether this means he's actually informing the public, or just practicing self-aggrandizment.

All things considered I'm now more inclined to vote for Simon, as Ken can't be bothered to tell us what we're voting for. This may yet change.
You may notice that I've not considered Norris. I can't see why anyone with a clue would.
It's also worth noting that Ken's the only possible Labour candidate I *could* vote for.

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From: softfruit
Date: May 15th, 2004 - 10:15 am (Link)
I'm still rooting for Simon as Mayor cos of the impact it could give in media attention to the Lib Dems and the knock-on effect that could have for the credibility between the main parties and hence results in marginal seats come the next General Election.

I suspect if I had a vote down there it might go Hughes 1 Livingstone 2, so that if Simon didn't make the top two my ballot paper counted to keep the Tory out, but I'm not sure about who the other candidates are aside from Johnson and Norris. Didn't I see that Ivan Massow was running as an independent?