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The real question May. 22nd, 2004 09:29 am
Since the primary rebuttals to many of GWB's policies and actions seem to come from the founding fathers and "great presidents" of the USA, it seems that the real question that has to be asked, is:
Why does George Bush hate the USA* so much?

(and I'm sure readers can think of many more)

* I'm aware that the usual quote is "hate America", but imperialist common use notwithstanding, America is a twin continent, not a country.

(We'll leave to one side the sheer absurdity of the phrase "Hate-America Liberals")

From: flewellyn
Date: May 23rd, 2004 - 12:39 am (Link)
He doesn't like the democracy of the USA, because it means his decisions might be subject to some kind of scrutiny, and he can't just do what he wants.

His minions and handlers don't like democracy because democracy encourages this silly idea that people are equal and deserve equal opportunity, when of course they know that the wealthy are superior and should rule by divine right.

Do I sound bitter?