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Cliquery Jun. 29th, 2004 07:24 pm
Finally someone produces a meme-toy I hadn't already written ;)

Fairly convincing result actually - at some point I might try coding this up, but before I do that I should probably switch to FOAF or raw data for input rather than screen-scraping.

Results noted below so's I don't have to look it up again and help knock his server down ;)

I am a member of 1 clique of size 18

[info]wechsler, [info]valkyriekaren, [info]duranorak, [info]ciphergoth, [info]ergotia, [info]katyha, [info]djm4, [info]spikeylady, [info]adjectivemarcus, [info]lolliepopp, [info]trishpiglet, [info]gemoon, [info]thekumquat, [info]dr_d, [info]countess_sophia, [info]bootpunk, [info]purplerabbits, [info]sibelian

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