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Yes, I was kidding about the DDR. I hope. Jul. 18th, 2004 12:48 am
Well, that was a suprisingly good evening - before I left to go out I was feeling vaguely sociophobic, and convinced that karaoke really wasn't my thing, but when I left, I was wishing I'd actually gone up to sing, and had had a fine evening. Of course this was greatly aided by the presence of swiftangel ;)

In summary: there was some great singing, and some that was frankly painful, it was distintly warm, and my inclination to sing - minimal to start with - was not greatly aided by spotting ravenevermore's camcorder or failing to find anything I felt I could sing. I also wasn't particularly sure that my voice still functioned (and I don't just mean that from the fact that I don't talk much), although after singing along to a few towards the end (and finding that it does) I was wishing I'd spotted "Birdhouse in your soul" before jhg had.

It has to be noted that adjectivemarcus was, shall we say, beyond compère. And his rendition of "sweet transvestite" will most definitely take some forgetting.

And of course the point of the evening (from which we were all somewhat distracted for the majority of the time by our enjoyment) came to everyone fairly emotionally during the last song. sweinhodge, littledane - look after yourselves and each other, and we all hope to see you again soon.

Right. Now to attempt some sleep - a task not going to be helped by the loud party and thumping reggae music going on right over the road. If any posts made on the morrow have a particularly grumpy tone, you'll know why.