Grin with cat attached (wechsler) wrote,
Grin with cat attached

Saw that one coming...

Hi, wechsler.
Due to popular demand, we've decided to offer a couple new features for more small donations to the beer fund. To wit, for two dollars and fifty cents you can get the following:
* Anyone who is currently listing you as a crush.
* Everyone who has ever listed you as a crush.

In addition, for just five bucks, you can all that plus:
* Everyone ANY USER has ever listed as a crush.
* Everyone who has EVER listed a crush on ANY USER.

Note: assuming that a) they're not blocking new changes, and b) they're not showing the times at which crushes are added, and you've added "real" crush data in the past, you can subvert this trick by simply adding everyone on your friends list. That way the data that can be sold is meaningless.

Even if case b) does not apply, this measure will still heavily obfuscate the data.
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