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Up, down, sideways Apr. 16th, 2002 09:10 pm
Moods are funny things (said with bitter ire). Mine are still bouncing to and fro - up when I get to genuinely relax, stressy when I have to do housework or similar. Fortunately cyclists.org.uk work doesn't seem to be causing the problem, which is good as I really can't just stop maintaining that. Keeping up with LJ is tricky though - I might miss a few for a while so if there's something you need me to know it may be worth emailing.

Just fitted the new CPU fan in my PC - it's a whole lot quieter and healthier, and I'm only bleeding slightly. It's always offputting - whether with the PC or the bike - when I have to put too much force on what's supposedly a delicate or precision system. Still, it seems to work.

Evidently I'm not at the Calling - just not up to it energy-wise, which is a shame - I'll have to be careful not to go too stir-crazy, it's ages since I've seen people.

Whitby travel looks a bit tricky - unfortunately Jo, who we were to give a lift, can't get away until too late, and I'm just not willing to make a 200 mile drive any more complex than it needs to be, as I've not driven this year.

Things should work out. They generally do.

From: feanelwa
Date: April 16th, 2002 - 03:36 pm (Link)
aha, the wechslercat!
i think something's in the works whereby you get elise (who was going to get a lift on friday but now would rather go on thursday) and i get her original lift on friday :) so it's hopefully all ok...not tricky anymore :)
200 miles? didn't realise it was that far...what an angel :)