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TfL confession on BBC news Oct. 21st, 2004 10:34 pm
"Pre-paid Oyster cards contains a feature to cap the maximum daily charge to the equivalent day-pass rate.
However, we decided not to turn that feature on as we thought it would confuse people"

From: nisaba
Date: October 21st, 2004 - 09:59 pm (Link)
*blinks* that's insane! Marc regularly ends up buying paper day travel cards because he knows he'll end up forking out heaps if he used his pre-paid Oyster card. Which kinda defeats the purpose of Oyster cards lessening paper tickets and congestion and queues...
From: valkyriekaren
Date: October 21st, 2004 - 10:35 pm (Link)
When the Oyster card was launched, we were told that the pre-pay part would be fully functional, including fare-capping to enture you don't get overcharged, by March. There was no announcement at the time that this hadn't happened. I thought I seemed to get through top-ups at a heck of a rate!
From: nisaba
Date: October 21st, 2004 - 10:50 pm (Link)
When I first arrived in London, I just assumed that that's how pre-paid Oysters cards would work, cause that's just what made sense to me. Contrary to the above, I was confused when Marc told me this wasn't the case! (I have a monthly travelcard, so it affects me less)

In a pique of boredom, I've gone and whinged on the website about it. You never know.
From: deliberateblank
Date: October 21st, 2004 - 11:58 pm (Link)
You can sort of see their point though. "Whoa dude! TfL aren't cynical money grabbing bastards! Brain meeeelllltttiiinng..."
From: valkyriekaren
Date: October 22nd, 2004 - 06:41 am (Link)
The thing is, the service is pretty bloody good. Any time between about 6am and midnight, I can get anywhere I want to in London, no trouble at all. I don't begrudge paying what I do; I just wish I'd known that it wasn't being capped, so I could have made an informed decision.
From: deliberateblank
Date: October 22nd, 2004 - 12:39 pm (Link)
The service may be good, but the operations part of the company is separate from the marketing part. If they (or any company) has promised or implied you will be paying a certain amount for their service, but actually charge you more, that is dishonest. The original quote above is a lie - it's nothing to do with reducing customer confusion, it's about making more money out of customer confusion. You *should* begrudge them that.
From: mooism
Date: October 22nd, 2004 - 07:51 am (Link)
Lack of this feature is why I haven’t got an Oystercard.
From: djm4
Date: October 22nd, 2004 - 01:53 pm (Link)
From: thekumquat
Date: October 22nd, 2004 - 07:28 pm (Link)
According to people on uk.transport.london, they never got this technology to work properly and are still trying to get it to work - so the 'feature' is there but if it cocks up half the time TfL would be right to not turn it on.