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QoS offer you a choice of two-hour delivery windows. You'd think this would be wide enough for them to hit, but no, it takes another hour for them to show. Still, it finally gets delivered, with a smile, a pun that knocks two doses of penicillin out of me, and a tale of Mill(?) Road being closed by Police swarming over an abandoned car. If humans were rational animals, they'd realise that the traffic in this town is a good sign that it's time to stop driving. Ah well, I have food now.
Also just got a spam inviting me to "be romantic... kiss in public". Umm... this classifies as romantic? I thought it was fairly standard behaviour... or am I just some unknowing, renegade romantic corrupting british public morals?
Oh, and my new coat turned up. 'Tis nice and warm :)
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