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Approaching organisation

Being firmly convinced by the axiom that those who fail to vote for a candidate have no right to moan about the result, I've found my poll card, located the polling station and read the relevant gumph that's come through the door. Thus, if they get in and don't do what they should, I can say "I didn't vote for you to do this" and if they don't, I can say, "Don't blame me, I voted for the other lizard". ;)

Just about caught up with the paperwork and emails from the weekend. Makes you realise how close to the edge we live in terms of absolute information overload.

I've also made the rebuilt rockhopper fully roadworthy; it now has front & rear lights, a lock, pump, and toolkit. On which note, it would be a really good idea to find the KEY for that lock.

Plus I've tidied the floor, and put the rubbish out. Haven't done the washing up though.

U Suddenly realised what was wrong with the secondary lighting system on the Terratrax, and have now fixed it. Stuck spare batteries in the Rockhopper's toolkit too.
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