Grin with cat attached (wechsler) wrote,
Grin with cat attached

Games, en bref

Pretty good day, really :) I think we satisfactorily proved that the carrying capacity of our lounge is 10, those 10 being (gratuitous roll-call):
aegidian, asrana, conflux, cookwitch, d_floorlandmine, itsjustaname, silenttex, thekumquat, wechsler, valkyriekaren

Games were: Settlers (x2), Scrabble, Unexploded Cow, My Dwarves Fly, and Gloom. "War and Sheep" caused much comment but it's only a 2PG and didn't get used.

Contributions from Peter Sellers (never ask Karen about her David Niven anecdotes) and Versuvio Pizza rounded off a really fine afternoon / evening.

Bit zoned out now so I'm not really catching the frequent hilarity and lunacy of last night (who "warned" itsjustaname about me anyway?), but I think it's going to have to be done again.
Tags: gaming, social
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