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Didn't get the best night sleep last night... valkyriekaren still has a nasty cough which woke us both up a bit (her rather more than me, I suspect) and I was still buzzing from some very intense sex. Walked her back to the Grafton this morning, set off on my bike, got half way around the Queen Elizabeth roundabout and lost all drive... great place to be stuck with no motive power. Managed to cruise to the pavement and reset the chain (yep, gunge everywhere)... what fun.

Work seems a bit surreal this morning... can't quite work out why, although I've already threatened a colleague with a pork & apple baguette. And I've just been formally told "you've got 5 more days holiday than you thought". Again. They've lost 5 days from last year and decided to carry it over for me. I've already tried once this year to tell them I took it already, but they won't listen...

The weekend consisted heavily of tea, word games, and feeling very appreciated. Friday night (that seems so long ago) was the UPP meet at the County Arms, which involved getting scritched and occasionally snuggled by lots of very nice people. I dropped down to the Bus Station to pick up aegidian who borrowed the newly-rebuilt Rockhopper to get back to the pub, where we found my sister and her fiancé had turned up (I'd arranged to meet her there to give her a key back). She seemed totally unphased by all these strange poly people, he looked a touch less certain.

Back home then, and I must remember not to ride so fast... sorry aegidian! Plus the Rockhopper punctured on the last roundabout, which was a Bad Thing. Still, we made it home, and valkyriekaren caught up with us...

Next morning was heavily bikey: aegidian, djm4 and myself took valkyriekaren to buy a bike for her birthday, courtesy of myself and djm4. Lunched on bacon-and-cheese stuffed panninis from a little gallery/coffee bar on Mill Road. Thence home to give her the first lesson in riding it, and to fix the Rockhopper - which turned out once more to have the Tyre Bead From Hell, taking aegidian and myself quite a while to dislodge. Slimed both wheels, in the hope that we might not have to do that again.

Later that day it was valkyriekaren's party, with all usual suspects attending, and myself showing off my legs and arse to a quite alarming degree, thanks to a very tight pair or lace-up leggings. Fun ;) Left around midnight as both I and aegidian were rather tired.

Next morning was very relaxed... pottering around and reading the "Changeling: The Dreaming" rulebook while aegidian headed into town. Afternoon and evening consisted of scrabble, pizza, and a wordgame that valkyriekaren got for her birthday, called "snatch", which is a right mindfucker, a twisted form of scrabble on crack that requires far too much thinking and is a bloody brilliant game. Go buy a set, preferably from 5691kb.

Monday was much a continuation of Sunday - reheated pizza and salad for lunch (and it tasted damn good), scrabble, snatch, reading, and watching "evolution". Which is quite good.

And I must do some work now, I've already been nabbed by the head of the Intranet to help him with MySQL. Since I seem to be assumed to be the local expert on this I should probably brush up a little, although it's not in my job spec.
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