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Yes, so 3 posts in a day is getting silly, you can probably guess from this that I'm:
a) Feeling sufficiently better to be very getting fed-up of sitting around.
b) Not quite well enough to be back at work or doing much of interest.

However I *have* managed to get some work done on the IPP - the user account management code proving more complex that I'd planned - you can now request, validate, log into, and recover the password of an account, but not yet use that recovery code or change the password manually - and I need to set it so recoveries are only sent at a limited rate. Sorry, this is all note-to-self stuff. Give it another day (it'd probably be foolish to go back to work tomorrow) and phase one should be complete. Anyway, if I can catch up with the LJ posts that are flooding at me I'll hit the sack soon.
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