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Slipping? Apr. 16th, 2005 01:13 pm

Crime and punishment, internationalism
Your position on this axis is -5.9
You are likely to be very internationalist and rehabilitationist.

Economics, etc
Your position on this axis is -1.3
You are likely to be slightly socialist and anti-war.

(http://politicalsurvey2005.com/ if you want to take it)
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From: sashajwolf
Date: April 16th, 2005 - 03:37 pm (Link)
Apparently I'm more left-wing than I thought I was. I agree with them about the Greens being the best fit for me, though - I'm largely voting Lib Dem for tactical reasons.
From: fellcat
Date: April 16th, 2005 - 05:30 pm (Link)
I'm voting LibDem 'cos the Backwards North™ doesn't have Green candidates. [sulks] I do genuinely like the LibDems, I just like the Greens more.
From: silenttex
Date: April 16th, 2005 - 04:34 pm (Link)
Oddly, it says that 49.9% of the people intending to vote UKIP shared my views, yet the best match based on my answers was Conservative?
I have no intention for voting for either of them!