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That's *it*? May. 5th, 2005 09:58 am
Have voted, but feel somewhat democratically unfulfilled by the action of making a pencil cross in a checkbox. All three major parties had tellers there this time, but the stereotypical upper-class whine of the Tory one when she asked if she could take my number triggered something automatic, and I refused to give it.

Subscribed to Lib Dem News instead, as part of a determination to take more interest in what's going on in the party, and hopefully be a bit more useful next time.

From: cookwitch
Date: May 5th, 2005 - 09:30 am (Link)
Maybe they should fit out polling stations with a Logan's Run style computer voice so you get a decent thank you when you vote.
From: childeric
Date: May 5th, 2005 - 09:49 am (Link)
Or some chocolate cake. I'd vote all day if they did that.
From: cookwitch
Date: May 5th, 2005 - 09:51 am (Link)
Cake! I LIKE you.
From: reddragdiva
Date: May 5th, 2005 - 11:01 am (Link)
In Australia, the Liberals (that's Australian for "Tory." No, really.) and Labor (no "u") generally run sausage sizzles outside the polling place. 'Cos you know, you have to show up in Australia, your democratic duty is mandatory, so you eat a sausage and magically change who you're going to vote for. Or something.
From: dennyd
Date: May 5th, 2005 - 11:12 am (Link)
Spiked sausages? Maybe if they get you high enough you'll forget what you were doing? :)
From: thekumquat
Date: May 5th, 2005 - 10:17 am (Link)
I think they ought to at least offer stickers and some tea and biscuits, like they do when you donate blood.

You could even double up the stations - vote and give blood at the same time!
From: webcowgirl
Date: May 5th, 2005 - 10:53 am (Link)
I always vote absentee these days (saves me trying to get to the polls on a work day), which is even less fulfulling.
From: thekumquat
Date: May 5th, 2005 - 11:10 am (Link)
I have very little faith in the postal system, let alone the postal vote system.
As an example, my vote in the Nov 2005 US federal elections was last heard of floating around the US Postal Service. So much for guaranteed international recorded delivery...

With a stubby pencil and paper ballot, I know my ballot is in the ballot box. Voting is also a good excuse to be late for work. :)
From: wechsler
Date: May 5th, 2005 - 11:36 am (Link)
Your vote's probably in the same box as my divorce, somewhere.

If only the post office were our only problem

From: webcowgirl
Date: May 5th, 2005 - 09:16 pm (Link)
Heh. What I do is actually fill it out at home and then drop it by a polling station in person, so I don't have to worry about the mail. But I don't know if you know about the voting trauma we've been having in King County, Washington ... ballots were lost all over the place, they fell on the insides of the ballot boxes in places where people didn't see them, or they were (gasp!) in boxes that just were never opened. It's been just amazing how many things they've screwed up. The Republicans are actually attempting to have the results of the governor's election turned over because of these problems ... kind of unheard of in American politics, I think.
From: kelemvor
Date: May 5th, 2005 - 12:30 pm (Link)
I can put you in touch with someone fairly active within the Lib Dems, if you like?
From: wechsler
Date: May 5th, 2005 - 12:58 pm (Link)
I know a fair few already ;)
From: kelemvor
Date: May 5th, 2005 - 01:05 pm (Link)
Thought you might. This person has spoken at the last few conferences, though.