Grin with cat attached (wechsler) wrote,
Grin with cat attached


Possibly not in that order.

1) My guts aren't happy. Feels like someone's smacked me in the sternum.

2) I have Nilgiri tea and a Wonka bar. This may help.

3) I've spent most of the day updating an AJAX xhtml verification tool which tells the user (without having to submit or leave the page) whether what they've writing is valid XHTML. Previously it just told the user if their code was well-formed XML, now it actually checks for valid XHTML tags and attributes. This took me about 4 hours (with other work) to get it working in PHP5. I then went to check it in PHP4.3 and found that the behaviour had apparently completely reverted, to the extent that I wondered if I was still running the new code (I was).
Took me a bloody *hour* to track the problem down to a single ampersand needed by PHP4.3. Which was, admittedly, an improvement over the two hours I spent over the weekend traing down an ajax flaw that turned out to be linked to magic_quotes_gpc.

I'm gonna go hack on phaseCode now, and put a calendar view on the events engine. After that I'll be able to use it as a public/friends-locked calendar to keep people (if anyone's interested) appraised of what I'm doing.
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