Grin with cat attached (wechsler) wrote,
Grin with cat attached

Weekend, briefly

Friday: Bmovie. Great to see people, but FFS, sort the f'ing venue out. The Rats is turning into a "good enough for goths" dive - toilet doors that close and heating that turns off are not optional.

Saturday: Second Saturday - quick hand of Cube Farm followed by Vinci (Risk, but quicker and more balanced)
Party in the evening - trishpiglet and babysimon have a great place, and people seemed to be enjoying themselves. K was wiped though so we headed home early.

Today - overslept, but got a load of housework done - gets easier every time, and now even the cupboard under the stairs is organised. Received a new LCD monitor (thanks to d_floorlandmine for picking it up) and now have an older IBM 18" CRT to get rid of - any offers?
Tags: bmovie, gaming
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