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Aug. 19th, 2005 06:33 pm
Frankly I suspect people must be getting somewhat bored of this journal, but others say I don't post enough.

So: today. Felt much better first thing (slept in slightly). Managed about 3 hours paid work all in, realised I didn't have the concentration to keep on with it, went back to prodding the calendar.

Heatstroke seems to have morphed into a stomach bug - I seem to have this knack of getting illnesses in pairs - and I'm feeling somewhat wiped out and asocial.

Should probably get some more paid hours in this weekend, but might head up to Cambs tomorrow instead to see the parents briefly.

Hope I get over this soon, it's bloody boring.

Far and away

From: webcowgirl
Date: August 19th, 2005 - 05:59 pm (Link)
It is good to know how you are doing! Aside from extreme programmy-type discussions, I enjoy what you have to say even if it's saying you aren't feeling well.

I'd still enjoy hearing from you today, though clearly if you're feeling like not visiting with people it won't be happening. I've only got another two hours before I call this day a wrap, anyway (at 1 PM) - I really need to get some R&R in before my trip. I'm feeling extraordinarily lazy and self-indulgent and Time Spent With Cat would be exactly my speed this morning.

Miss you, lovely boy, hope you are feeling better soon. I am really looking forward to seeing you.