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Whitby Nov. 4th, 2005 10:18 pm
I suppose I'd better put in my Whitby update before it slips my mind...

Wed 26
Home network and phones still down, so no work done - gave me the chance to pack without too much stress though. Only took *slightly* more than I needed this time, though.

Thurs 27
d_floorlandmine was delayed picking up the car (Thrifty fucked up again, apparently) so it was around noon before we got going, in a Rover 75 that had been dropped from the "executive" to "family" bracket for being internally small, handling like a barge and generally being irritating. Wish they'd stick with Mondeos...
Anyway, it did the job, and got us there in moderate comfort - many thanks to Simon for the driving, as it let me unwind from the moment I left the house, rather than worrying about driving (although I prefer to keep in practice occasionally). 6 or 7 RTAs on the M1 slowed the journey down somewhat, but we still arrived early enough to get settled in to a very smart and modern (if rather oddly laid out and unusually decorated in places) basement flat near the Spa before dinner at Finlay's. Atypically for the week's meals, the food and service there weren't really up to much.

After dinner we hit the Elsi for general goth socialising and cider, which got us off to a good start, although the alcohol didn't seem to have much effect on me. Not sure what time I left there though, but last orders seemed to have gone AWOL.

Fri 28 - Spa 1
At around 7:30 I discovered one key flaw in the flat - it lay right under the B&B's breakfast room upstairs! This tended to result in creaking of the ceiling in my room and a rattling door, and an overly-early wake up call. However it did give me the chance to get up and about in some great weather, and stroll around the stalls (now at four seperate venues). However there was nothing I could find worth buying except some chrome nail polish - which proved to be a bugger to apply...

Plenty of flesh fresh air and exercise, then a good steak dinner at the Res before heading out (slightly late, as ever) to the first Spa event. Apparently we missed a good band in The Modern, but the subsequent acts weren't up to much - until it came to Doctor and the Medics - who, to use nevla's favourite phrase "rocked like a bastard". I've never seen an audience get that involved with a band at Whitby before, nor, for that matter heard quite so many expletives from one. They gave us an astounding show, evidently very pleased with the response and really enjoying themselves, dedicating "Born to be wild", usually reserved for bikers, to us - because, apparently - "the world needs more people like you mad bastards". All this despite some arsehole cameraman getting in the way on stage and cutting the guitarist off mid-solo. He got suitably roasted by the Doctor for that one.

And the Doctor's reward? Someone stole his hat and glasses. There were, unfortunately, a few people there this time who seemed unable to enjoy themselves without causing trouble (there's a large dent in the corridor wall in the Spa from one group of drunk tossers throwing each other around).

The night's outfit for me was tradgoth with the venetian carnival mask - which meant a lot of people couldn't identify me initially, killed my peripheral vision and made dancing impossible and conversations tricky - although it must have been fairly striking; judging by the number of photos taken I was starting to suspect I must be far more photogenic when my face is covered.

I left shortly after the Medics set ended, well satisfied.

Pictures (the few I took) are here.

Report from further days will follow...
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More, please?

From: webcowgirl
Date: November 5th, 2005 - 01:15 am (Link)
The pictures I saw of you looked gorgeous - please point me to more. (And it's not because you look better with your face covered up - you looked romantic and mysterious. And yummy.)

Um, yeah, and ... "flesh air?" It is to giggle.