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Sent to The Guardian: Use of the word "gay" for bisexuals is insulting Jan. 27th, 2006 09:54 am
Dear Sir

I write to take issue with Friday's Leader in the politics section

Mr Hughes is not "a gay politician". He, like myself, and many of my friends, is bisexual. You, together with many UK journalists, may consider it "convenient" to include the term "bisexual" under the umbrella term "gay", but I, and many in the LGBT community find this trivialisation of our sexual identity extremely insulting. I am bisexual; I am not "gay". I am not "recovering" from homosexuality or in denial about it; I am confident in this identity and would expect the media to recognise me as such.

As it happens, while I am a member of the Liberal Democrats I bear no great affection for Simon Hughes or his politics, but I feel that he, the party and the LGBT community deserve appropriate recognition. Mr Hughes did not lie when he stated that he was not gay; if the journalist interviewing him was too lax to ask the obvious follow-up question then it is not Mr Hughes' integrity that should be in doubt.

Of course, I am also appalled that a person's sexuality should be seen to have any relevance to his or her political capabilities, but that is a larger and separate issue.

Richard George,

From: dennyd
Date: January 27th, 2006 - 12:29 pm (Link)
If the only thing the interviewer cared about was whether or not he was heterosexual vs 'anything else', then they should have asked "Are you heterosexual?", not "Are you gay?". That would have (a) removed any chance of ambiguity, and (b) made explicit the rather bigoted mindset behind the question.