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Cool stuff: where are you from? Feb. 1st, 2006 06:02 pm

("Start surname search" in the top nav bar)

From: redcountess
Date: February 1st, 2006 - 06:39 pm (Link)
I was hoping to find records on my ancestor, but there needs to have been 100 people listed with that name in 1981 to be included in this archive :-(
From: valkyriekaren
Date: February 1st, 2006 - 06:50 pm (Link)
My maiden name doesn't appear the way I and my immediate family spell it. The variant spelling (still used by some parts of my family, though this may simply be illiteracy) seems to appear in Southern Scotland but not particularly in Northumberland or Durham, where my family are from and where it is in fact a local placename.

I'm surprised that my mother's maiden name appears to occur almost exclusively in the South and in Wales (for both 1998 and 1881 data), though my maternal grandmother's maiden name is pretty strongly Northern. My paternal grandmother's maiden name I know is Welsh, so maybe there's Welsh on both sides of my family. I may have to revise my identity as being of hardy Anglo-Saxon/Viking stock; there's clearly something else going on.
From: fellcat
Date: February 1st, 2006 - 10:16 pm (Link)
I have illiteracy problems too with my mother's mother's mother's line.

where it is in fact a local placename

You know I'm now going to have to pore over my local map trying to work out what your maiden name is?
From: flewellyn
Date: February 1st, 2006 - 07:00 pm (Link)
I'm an American, but my surname does come from England, so...it appears my ancestors lived in the south of England.
From: kelemvor
Date: February 1st, 2006 - 10:02 pm (Link)
That's weird.
Going back as far as I can (grandmothers' maiden names), no-one in my family appears to be from where they're supposed to be, except for Mum's Dad. And that's Essex.
From: webcowgirl
Date: February 1st, 2006 - 10:23 pm (Link)
Well, I guess it is likely a German last name after all ...

I'm a dying breed!

From: thecesspit
Date: February 2nd, 2006 - 01:06 pm (Link)
Coo, according to that, there was more us in 1888 than there was in in 1981.

The location info is spot on though from my parents own research (there is even a geogrpahical feature on the coast of Norfolk with my family name.)