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Well yeah, I was thinking that Feb. 1st, 2006 09:37 pm
Copied as I catch up on a week's emails as I was pondering this very "irony" this morning, albeit in the context of the Religious Hatred bill...

The House of Lords has won a series of victories in the battle over ID cards. It's rather ironic that we have to rely on an unelected chamber to protect our civil liberties - but that is life under Tony Blair...
The most important victory was the vote to block the ID cards proposals until the government has come clean on what the real costs are. It should be the obvious thing to do - find out the costs before making the decision - but Labour has been trying to get the bill through without saying what the costs will really be.

That might well be because independent experts have estimated that the total costs of the ID cards scheme will amount to between £170 and £300 per card!

Labour will try to undo these measures when the bill comes back to the House of Commons. With the number of rebels in Labour's ranks on this issue, the outcome is up in the air.

So even if you have already contacted your local MP, now is a really good time to lobby them again - particular on the issue that we should all be told the costs of the scheme before Parliament has to make a final decision. You can contact them very easily using the excellent website, http://www.writetothem.com

Now is also a good time to encourage people you know to sign our petition at http://www.libdems.org.uk/noidcards

Best wishes

Navnit Dholakia
Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesman
House of Lords

PS A former US spy has recently warned how ID cards can be abused by governments: http://snipurl.com/m1gf