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LJ Interests meme results Apr. 8th, 2006 10:40 pm
Almost counts as content, right?

  1. books:
    You need to ask? LJ's 13th most popular interest; I like to read a range of books although rarely have the time to fully indulge myself. As with DVDs I'm better at buying than reading, so I own about 500 books of which 5-10% may currently be unread.
  2. digital imaging:
    Digital photography, with zero cost-per-click and portable, reliable cameras mean you can always have the required equipment to hand and take as many pictures as you need. Digital imaging extends this; once you've got the pictures you can trim, store, process and transmit them at will; I've been known to do some photomanipulation at times too. The real challenge however lies in categorising thousands of files...
  3. european union:
    Put simply, it's time to think beyond single-nation politics; the EU has distinct potential as an upcoming superpower but needs to outgrow national interests and vetos. Only together does Europe have the weight to make a global difference in worldwide environmental, political and social issues.
  4. human rights:
    Are not optional. We seem to be losing many of these in the guise of "security" and it is essential that we fight to reverse the process now, while we still can.
  5. margays:
    Well just *look* at them, damnit. Absolutely beautiful creatures.
  6. penguins:
    Linux geeks are contractually required to be fascinated by penguins, and besides, they're inherently amusing.
  7. programming:
    I think therefore I am. Coding is probably the most directly thought-based form of work there is, and I enjoy it. I also happen to be pretty good at it, although that now means I have to manage a software development team on a daily basis.
  8. sci-fi:
    A large proportion of the aforementioned books are sci-fi. The genre lends itself to conceptual exploration and allows a wide range of thought and expression; it is also well suited to carrying political and sociological commentary without being blatant or preachy. I find it stretches the mind to consider how we'll deal with future challenges.
  9. tea:
    Because I'm british, damnit. And too much coffee makes holes in my stomach.
  10. xp:
    Extreme Programming. Very silly name, but basically a term for the practice of creating software in a way that actually works, rather than pretending that it's some sort of pre-definable, production line process.

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From: wechsler
Date: April 9th, 2006 - 08:50 am (Link)
(no subject) - (Anonymous)
From: wechsler
Date: April 9th, 2006 - 02:57 pm (Link)
You're right, that's a pretty big query for LJ comments, and I'm not sure my knowledge of international enconomics would be adequate to it anyway. I really need to get some more time to read up on this sort of thing...