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It's very *flattering*... May. 22nd, 2002 10:00 pm
...but, just because I *run* a cycling website, doesn't mean I know everything about it.
I never know quite how to respond to the technical queries, or more disturbingly the people who've had "accidents" and need my advice.

I suppose I should take it as a good sign that my site has a human enough face for people to contact me. But when I basically have to say "Sorry, dunno, ask someone else" I almost feel that I'm letting them down.

This has been an introverted wibble from Wechsler.

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From: wechsler
Date: May 22nd, 2002 - 11:39 pm (Link)
*grin* doubt it... there's no pictures of me on that site, and I try to keep my "wholesome, family-friendly cycling and campaigning persona" seperate from the "bi-poly-pagan-goth" one.
Do I need to? Dunno. *Should* I need to? No.

Probably a sign

From: glensc
Date: May 22nd, 2002 - 03:30 pm (Link)
That your site is getting poular.
Whatever you get involved in a percantage of people ( hopefully ) small will not know who to ask and just try random people involved. On the net it's probably more obvious.

On good days I can reasonably happily point them in the right direction.
On bad, at best, hopefully I can ignore them and not reply, while it's still a bad day.
I find it best not to have too good or too bad days. If too good I'm too helpful and it only encourages them in that behaviour, which eventually leads to more bad days.

&tl Bad pun alert > These things do tend to go in cycles ;)

Re: Probably a sign

From: sheridanwilde
Date: May 23rd, 2002 - 12:01 am (Link)

There must be a bad pun that can be had from the current mood being 'reflective' - probably something about clothing preventing accidents...

Re: Probably a sign

From: wechsler
Date: May 23rd, 2002 - 12:13 am (Link)
Certainly, the site's usage stats have risen recently (see: http://www.infinitepenguins.net/cou_stats_snapshot/ , none of the internal links will work),
but the human interaction - people mailing me or posting in the forums - has gone up far more than this rise would suggest.
The site is, admittedly, moving into a new phase of development - it now looks less like something being built, and more like an established, user-friendly one. Which is good :)


From: robinbloke
Date: May 23rd, 2002 - 12:55 am (Link)
You could add a FAQ type link list for the more common queries, useful cycling related links that could possibly help these people out?

Re: Maybe...

From: wechsler
Date: May 23rd, 2002 - 01:33 am (Link)
The site's already fairly well loaded with links and data, and I will of course add more info - which should answer these questions among others. I may add a "common queries list" at some point, but it seems that some people at least look at the site before asking me, leaving only questions I don't have the answer to!